11 Feb

Well I guess the tittle of this post is the reason why many people decide not to follow through with their travels and I have to admit if anything was going to stop us from living our dream, it would be the decision of whether or not to remove our children from the routine of school life. This was perhaps our biggest decision to make...
I started researching my options and discovered that different states of Australia had different rules and in some states you can apply for an exemption from school for up to 12 months, which meant the kids could have a year off without schooling! Unfortunately for us we live in NSW, the state that appears to be the most stringent when it comes to education on the road.  
There are two options available, we can home school our kids or enrol them in distance education. We have opted to enrol the children into distance education because the work is prepared by teachers and provided to you on a regular basis whereas home schooling requires the parents to create the curriculum which is way out of my scope of practise.
Since making the decision to enrol my children into distance education I have been following other families online to see how their children have coped with having extended periods of time away from the classroom and discovered that not only do they thrive on the experience of travelling this amazing country but they get to take part in experiences that they wouldn’t otherwise get in a classroom setting.
I have  also had the opportunity to meet some travelling families in my new role as caretaker and can confidently say, these are some of the happiest children I have ever met!

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