16 Jun

Download Wiki Camps 

Wiki Camps is the ultimate camping app that gives you access to thousands of free camps, low-cost camps, farm stays, caravan parks, dump point locations and places of interest across Australia. The app costs $7.99 and will save you time and money when searching for your next campsite. This is our camping bible and we swear by it!

 Pack a Washing Machine 

Let’s face it, washing your clothes when travelling with kids is a daily chore that you cannot escape and these days it can cost up to $6 per load in a caravan park or commercial laundry and if its raining, be prepared to pay up to $15 to wash and dry a load. We originally left with a caravan that did not have a washing machine and within 3 months we purchased a portable twin tub, saving us around $30 per week thankfully, our new caravan has a built-in machine. 

Get Yourself a Woolworths Reward Card 

I’ll be completely honest with you when I say I am a loyal Aldi customer however, as we have discovered, Aldi stores are far and few between in some areas, especially in the west. When travelling Australia, you are more likely to come across a Woolworths store as they are more widely available therefore, you need to get your hands on a free Woolies Reward Card. Not only do they offer you discounts on groceries, they also give you discounts on fuel (remembering that fuel and groceries are two of your biggest expenses). Also, when purchasing fuel and groceries with Woolworths, you will accumulate points which you can cash in for grocery vouchers. Winning! 

Join a Caravan Park Loyalty Program

 With accommodation being one of the top 3 expenses when travelling Australia, I can highly recommend joining a caravan park loyalty program as it can save you hundreds of dollars in site fees. We chose to join the Big 4 Loyalty Program as we are travelling with children and are more likely to pull into a Big 4 park due to the child friendly activities they offer. The Big 4 loyalty card costs $50 for a 2-year membership. This is an ideal gift to give to someone who is travelling! 

Grocery Shop Online

Going to the grocery store can be time consuming and expensive, 9 out of 10 times you will come out of the store with at least one thing that you really didn’t need. If you can, grocery shop online (with a list) and pick your groceries up from the store, I’ll guarantee you will spend less. 

Create a Meal Planner 

Creating a meal planner not only saves you money but it also makes the decision on what to have for tea easy. When we first left for our big lap of Oz we noticed that a lot of food was being thrown out because we did not go to the grocery store with a list instead, we were impulse shopping and our bill was anywhere from $250 to $450 per week. With a meal planner we have now managed to reduce our grocery bill to $175 per week and there is little food wastage. 

Purchase a Quality Set of Hair Clippers and Scissors

Haircuts are free in our camp, well except mine that is. We purchased a good quality set of clippers and scissors before we left on our adventure and it saves us around $200 per year. 

Download Petrol Spy 

Petrol is one of our biggest expenses and we use an app called Petrol Spy to locate the cheapest fuel in any one area. Petrol Spy is a free app that not only gives you the exact location of the petrol station but also tells you the current price of their fuel, so you can compare the prices in your area which in turn, saves you a bucket load of cash!

 Check Out the Local Thrift Shops 

Don’t be too tempted to pay full price for clothing, especially for the kids! They grow faster than a weed after a rain shower and it can become quite expensive when you are constantly replenishing their wardrobes. It really does pay to check out the local thrift shops, you may be very surprised what treasures you find.

 Pay Cash

I know paying cash is not always an option, especially these days however, paying with a credit or debit card can sometimes be too easy and you can quickly loose track of your intended budget. Paying cash for items allows you to easily monitor what money is left for the week and you are more likely to stick to your budget, Tip: Withdraw your weekly cash budget from the bank each week and divide your money into groups (we use pencil cases that are labelled), for example; ‘petrol’, ‘groceries’, ‘accommodation’ and ‘other’. This will help you to keep track of your money and avoid any overspending. 

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