25 Apr

When is the Right Time to Leave for Your Big Lap?

I guess the answer to this question depends on individual circumstances. For us, there were several reasons why we have chosen to leave at the end of 2018. Firstly and most importantly, we wanted to wait until our older two children had completed high school. When we first decided to complete a lap of Australia both children were towards the end of their high school journey and we did not want to disrupt their schooling at this level. 

Secondly, Doug and I wanted to complete additional studies ourselves before we left on our big adventure to ensure we would be in a good position to gain employment both on the road (after our initial 12 month holiday) and at the completion of our travels, whenever that may be… Doug has gone back to his original trade of auto- electrician and I am a registered nurse/midwife.

Another consideration was how we were going to finance our initial 12 months on the road. We set ourselves a travel budget of $52,000 or $1000 per week plus a $5000 emergency fund. We are currently caretaking at the local showground in exchange for rent- free accommodation. This allows us to put enough money away every week to meet our target.

After 3 years of planning and preparing, we are now just 7 months away from our departure date. We are on target with our savings and are all extremely excited about the epic adventure that lies ahead. So don’t overthink it too much, there will always be an excuse or reason why you cannot go. Set a date, make a plan, live the dream!

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