16 Apr

Maintaining a sex life with your partner when travelling with kids appears to be a hot topic and it has definitely sparked a few conversations in our household as we plan for a 12 month lap of Australia in our 18ft caravan. I have to admit that I have been brazen enough to ask other travelling parents how they overcome the obstacle of dancing the goat’s jig when sharing a confined space with your entire family. What I have learnt is that there are some very creative parents out there who have come up with some clever ideas to overcome this hurdle. From the erection (no pun intended) of a separate tent to sending the kids to the caravan park playground for twenty minutes, it appears that travelling parents have thought of it all. Other suggestions include only staying at caravan parks that offer kids club and finding alternate places other than the caravan to belly bump.

Since moving into our van full-time as caretakers at our local showground our ‘rootine’ has certainly changed and we have had to make some alterations to our van to compensate for the lack of privacy for example, we have had some privacy curtains made up for the kids bunk beds. We have also had to turn the volume down, adjust the lighting and alter the position in which we perform marital congress in order to maintain stability of the caravan. I know what you're thinking but this is a legitimate problem in the caravan world!

I have to admit though there is something exciting about trying to have a ‘quickie’ before the kids catch us whilst trying to minimise movement of the caravan so the neighbours in the next van do not become suspicious of our mischievous midday activities. It has certainly spiced things up a little!

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