11 Feb

Since making the decision to take a year off to travel this great country I have been reading a lot of social media posts from other families who are doing the same thing. What I have discovered is that there are some very creative families out there from all different walks of life who are turning their dreams into reality! The options are endless.
Some families are choosing to sell their homes to finance their lap while others choose to leave with very li...ttle in their bank account and work their way around Australia. Most budgets are ranging anywhere from $400 to $1500 per week depending on how fast you travel and whether you prefer to utilise caravan parks or free camps. Other variables include the size of your family and your entertainment budget.
We have decided to take twelve months off work and really enjoy what Australia has to offer without the pressure of having to earn a living as we go. This means we are currently living on a pretty strict budget in order to save for our Lap of a Lifetime. We have managed to reduce a lot of our living expenses and are currently living on one wage, this gives us the freedom to bank an entire wage every week for a period of twelve months.
We have set ourselves a budget of $1000 per week which seems to be the average budget of families who are currently travelling. We are also setting aside a $5000 emergency fund for any mishaps we may have along the way or if we need an emergency flight home.  We are planning on being completely debt free before we leave so we don’t have any additional financial burden whilst on our travels.
My husband and I have spent the last 2 years studying and upgrading our work qualifications so we are in prime position to seek employment if required. My husband has returned to his original trade as an auto electrician and I have upgraded my nursing/midwifery qualifications with the view of extending our travels if we choose to. We have also considered the possibility of finding our dream location along the way and setting up camp…permanently!

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