01 Feb
  1. Petrol prices are higher than normal, in some cases up to $2.20/L
  2. You do not need to carry extra petrol, the maximum amount of kilometers you will travel between petrol stations is 250kms.
  3. There is limited water available on the Nullarbor, carrying extra water is advisable.
  4. There are plenty of caravan parks and free camps along the Nullarbor.
  5. It is safer to travel during daylight hours due to the local wildlife, including camels and kangaroos.
  6. Roadhouses stock plenty of food...but be prepared to pay top dollar for it.
  7. The Nullarbor is 1200kms long, allow a minimum of three days to comfortably cross the plains.
  8.  There are dump points located along the highway.
  9. A UHF can come in handy when communicating with road trains and other travelers.
  10.  Don't forget your golf clubs! The Nullarbor has 'the world's longest golf course'.
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