26 May

  1. Unlike homeschooling, you do not need to create a curriculum or progress reports for your children, as this is all done for you. 
  2. It is flexible however, you are required to complete the weekly education packs in a timely manner. 
  3. School fees vary... a lot. Do your research! We pay approximately $200 per child each year. 
  4. From our experience, it takes a minimum of six weeks to get yourself into a routine and your children will fight you every step of the way. Don’t give up too soon. 
  5. Communication with your teacher/s is VITAL! Don’t forget to check in every now and again. 
  6. Be prepared to do approximately 1-2 hours of school work per day, five days a week. There are also online lessons which are fantastic (if you have service).
  7. The distance education calendar runs parallel to state schools so fear not, there will be holiday periods! 
  8. If you decide to stop somewhere for more than one calendar month you are required to enrol your children into a local school. Once you hit the road again you can re-enrol into distance education. 
  9. Kids respond well to routine and our children work best in the morning. Create a routine that works best for your family and stick to it as best you can. 
  10. I am yet to met a teacher who says travelling Australia with your children is a bad idea. 
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